A Busy Week and Missing Church AGAIN

My first entry in a week…

I missed church again today. I didn’t even have a good excuse this time, like moving into my new room, working on a lab report, or staying up late the night before: when I set my alarm last night, I forgot to switch it from Weekday to Weekend or Daily. This is the second time in a week I’ve screwed up setting my alarm. Conclusion: I’m an idiot. Once the church service is over, I will give Jill a call on her cell and apologize for being an idiot. I hope she didn’t wait around too long, because otherwise I made her late.

This last week was insanely busy. I enjoyed almost every moment of it. I think that’s a good sign for my future career goals. Lab courses, gaming, Spanish, friends, summer research, SWIL… it’s all pretty good :o).

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5 responses to “A Busy Week and Missing Church AGAIN”

  1. is your alarm too complicated?

  2. For an engineering major? Never! ;-)

  3. My watch has three contextual alarms, each of which can be set to Weekday, Weekend, or Daily. I normally leave Alarm 1 set to 9:45 am Weekday (for MWF), Alarm 2 set to 9:10 am Weekday (for TTh), and Alarm 3 set to 11:00 am Weekend (for SWILMeeting).

    My ride to church was at 9:40 am on Sunday, so I decided to be lazy and re-use my Alarm 2 setting. Unfortunately, I forgot to change it from Weekday to Weekend. I should have changed the time of Alarm 3, but instead I tried to take a short cut.

    This is analogous to cutting-and-pasting a chunk of code to a new context, and not properly modifying it for that new context. More time is then wasted on debugging the moved code than would have been spent on writing the code anew.

    That’s just how smart Engineers are. By the way, your clock was irreparable. Trying to get to the bad gear resulted in breaking the lead to the magnetic driver coil, which could only be fixed by soldering. I threw it away.

  4. Does anyone know where to get a portable alarm clock that won’t break when you drop it, for cheap?

  5. Target, Walmart, heck even one of the Ville stores might have one. As for the dropping, I’d suggest going for an undroppable watch with an alarm.

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