Month: September 2003

A Busy Week and Missing Church AGAIN

My first entry in a week… I missed church again today. I didn’t even have a good excuse this time, like moving into my new room, working on a lab report, or staying up late the night before: when I

Improving Upon the Nectar of the Gods

I actually posted this to K5 almost a week ago, but I forgot to repost on LJ. I am, of course, referring to that sweet, sweet, ambrosia: Mountain Dew. Sure, the Yellow #5 will give you cancer, but that’s a

To Newer, Loftier Heights

I have had a week of contrasts: insane amounts of work broken up by stretches of free time. Unfortunately, all of that free time is late at night, and generally exists at the detriment of my sleep schedule. Classes are

Laboring on Labor Day

There’s nothing quite like the first day of classes. I am sure you are wondering why I had classes on Labor Day. The explanation is simple: Swarthmore recognizes no holidays. Breaks are for those wimpy Ivy League schools, anyway. We’re