The Very Best Place to Start

You’ve probably noticed a distinct lack of journal entries here in The Vacuum of Nurdage. This is because I actually use my diary at instead of my LiveJournal. After all, I had a diary going at K5 long before I joined LiveJournal In fact, I only got an LJ account so that I could obnoxiously comment in all of my friends’ journals :o). Unfortunately for my laziness factor, it seems that my friends actually want to hear what’s going on, without having to check if I’ve posted an update at K5.

From now on, expect the fresh copying and pasting of the title and intro to my kuro5hin diary entries, along with a link to the full story, posted right here in the Vacuum for your convenience. I sacrifice my own laziness for the protection of the laziness of others.


2 responses to “The Very Best Place to Start”

  1. Thanks for doing this! I’d been visiting your K5 site, but this is much easier :-)

  2. That at least one of you is going to use it :o).

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