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Möbius Bagel

Via JWZ’s LiveJournal I found a method for slicing a bagel into two linked halves. I decided to try it. Video below the cut.


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Two Kinds of Flaky

In March, I bought a pair of Logitech Cordless Trackman Optical trackballs. I love the ergonomics on them, even for FPS gaming. It only took a week or two to adjust from a mouse, and some minor forearm and elbow strain that came with extra long days at work went away.

Unfortunately, my work looked like it had crapped out yesterday when it prompted me to charge the batteries. I’m outside of the Amazon return period, but still under Logitech’s 5-year pointing devices warranty. As it turned out, I just needed to remove and insert the batteries like 10 times to get it to power on. Really, I think this could all be avoided by having a corded version of this product; I really don’t need the cordless features, but this is the only trackball that came close to having the features I wanted. If it were Bluetooth, I might not complain as much (since a separate transmitter wouldn’t be needed).

The secondary problem, as you can see in the video and picture below the cut, is that my mutant power is apparently acidic sweat. The outer coating of the plastic under where my palm, thumb, and index finger generally rest is bubbling and eventually peeling away.

Long story short, I love the design, but am very frustrated with the execution. I’ve asked Logitech in several places to develop a straight USB version of this device.


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iPhone 3GS

Yes, I am an Apple fanboy and preordered the iPhone 3GS, which arrived today. To be silly, I recorded a quick video of Spot’s unboxing from its own point of view. Be forewarned: the sound of packaging being opened might be a little loud, depending on your audio setup.

Note on the name: all of my Mac devices are named after Star Trek animals, and all of my Windows devices are named after Star Wars animals. This is Spot, as in Data’s cat.

Does anyone know how to correct YouTube’s display to handle a vertical video orientation more cleanly? I just manually adjusted the <embed> size, but on it is still horribly letterboxed. A good size appears to be 220×320, but that messes with the YouTube player’s control layout, even though it frames nicely.

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