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I captured a few shots of the frost we’ve had the last two days, mostly in our shaded front yard. I’m really impressed with the detail a phone camera can capture these days… even when it overwhelms my server!

Some succulents we planted in the bark near the utility box are slightly frosted around red and green edges.
Leaves from our front maple tree fallen amid the grass, all frosted.
One of our sidewalk lights is covered in tiny ice crystals in front of our completely frosted lawn.
A blue juniper along our front sidewalk, covered in white frost.
A neighbor's rosebush, with a few flowers left, pinkish-red and edged with frost.

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My phone is now ready to boldly go.

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iPhone 5C Cases


I guess my neighbor at the bus stop explains the official case design with her day-glo green socks and pink crocs.

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Is the iPad for me?

What’s the question?

Like every other critic and salivating fanboy, I feel compelled to chime in on yesterday’s religious experience in which The Steve descended from on high bearing a tablet. However, this is not a review, but merely a (lengthy) answer to a simple question: is the iPad for me? I won’t be talking about the market for digital content distribution, I won’t be whining about what software and hardware widgets weren’t included, I’m not going to rant about Apple’s closed ecosystem, I won’t be begging to lick someone’s boots for a chance just to touch one. Additionally, although hopefully this is obvious, this is heavy on speculation, since I have yet to actually hold the product, let alone use it for any length of time.

I’ll also take this¬†opportunity¬†to brag that I got 29.5 points on the prediction score card, with only one question as yet unanswered: will textbooks be available (I said yes, and I think this is eventually likely, based on the list of publishers involved). I was briefly unsure if my existing Apple Wireless Keyboard would be supported, but the Design page indicates that in will be, in spite of the existence of the iPad Dock. I got the name right, and most of the detailed features based on the rumorsphere. The substantive places I was wrong were the absence of a camera, the price point (cheaper than I expected), and the lack of any information on iPhone OS 4. I had a hope for an open development environment, but I knew that wasn’t going to be true, so that’s more a self-docking principle point. I failed to predict the dock, and I gave myself a half-point for saying no 3G when there are models both with and without.

Below the cut I’ll start off with a brief history of my personal electronics habits from college through today, and then consider where the iPad would fit into my little niche… and, if it does fit, whether it’s worth it. I’ll also look at what still-open questions about the device would affect my potential buying decision (not the least of which is that I need to try it out in an Apple Store to get a sense of the ergonomics). While I’m only speaking for myself, maybe my analysis will be useful to people similar to me.


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iPhone 3GS

Yes, I am an Apple fanboy and preordered the iPhone 3GS, which arrived today. To be silly, I recorded a quick video of Spot’s unboxing from its own point of view. Be forewarned: the sound of packaging being opened might be a little loud, depending on your audio setup.

Note on the name: all of my Mac devices are named after Star Trek animals, and all of my Windows devices are named after Star Wars animals. This is Spot, as in Data’s cat.

Does anyone know how to correct YouTube’s display to handle a vertical video orientation more cleanly? I just manually adjusted the <embed> size, but on it is still horribly letterboxed. A good size appears to be 220×320, but that messes with the YouTube player’s control layout, even though it frames nicely.

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