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Olaf, Noooo!!!

A mostly melted snowman sits in an otherwise snowless yard near a half-eaten carrot.
Sven was a better character anyway.

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I captured a few shots of the frost we’ve had the last two days, mostly in our shaded front yard. I’m really impressed with the detail a phone camera can capture these days… even when it overwhelms my server!

Some succulents we planted in the bark near the utility box are slightly frosted around red and green edges.
Leaves from our front maple tree fallen amid the grass, all frosted.
One of our sidewalk lights is covered in tiny ice crystals in front of our completely frosted lawn.
A blue juniper along our front sidewalk, covered in white frost.
A neighbor's rosebush, with a few flowers left, pinkish-red and edged with frost.

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Morning Glory

 A morning glory vine has wrapped itself in a tight spiral around a single blade of grass in this close-up shot 
When weeding the other day, I came across this very determined vine.

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Lawn Care


Mowed the hard way. Good workout before it rains.

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This might be one of those invasive species lookalike beetles, but I liked the chance for a macro shot with my phone while weeding. 

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Crop Circles


The marks left on the grass by Theo’s playset always reminds me of Star Trek IV’s Klingon Bird-of-prey.

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 Freshly cut grass and long shadows.

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