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Planes on a Train

Yesterday while waiting for the bus to Magnolia along Elliot Ave, a train carrying three Boeing 737 fuselages went by. Presumably heading south to Boeing Field from the Everett plant?

EDIT: Correction from my uncle and dad: these fuselages were probably built at Wichita, KS Spirit AeroSystems plant and are heading for the Renton Boeing plant.

Two unpainted green 737 fuselages are visible through trees in front of the water of Elliott Bay across a wide street. They are pointed left as the train rolls southbound.An animated GIF of a burst photo showing cars zipping by both directions in the foreground while three plane fuselages on a train slowly move to the left in the background.

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Blue Angels

We got a little acrobatic show as we were driving north on 99 past the port.

Two Blue Angels bank to the north over SoDo.Two Blue Angels visible through our upper windshield as they flew over us on northbound 99, flying from the west-northwest.Two Blue Angels roaring directly overhead.Two Blue Angels apparently on final approach into Boeing Field (BFI) visible between some intermodal containers that read 'China Shipping'A lone Blue Angel flying southward visible between overhead power lines.An animation of two Blue Angels banking to the northeast before making a smoke trail pass towards Lake Washington.

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Air Swarthmore


Hard to tell in this grainy zoom, but as we landed upriver at PHL I snapped a shot of my destination: Swarthmore College and my 10-year reunion. You can just make out the smokestack, water tower, and bell tower.

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I think this is the Columbia River in eastern Washington, but I’m not sure since I had the window shade closed because of the sunrise. This landscape looks otherworldly under the snow — almost like the surface of Europa?

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Sunrise over Mount Hood, peeking through the clouds shortly after AS30 takeoff from PDX.

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Bear on the Wing

Griswold the Bear on Frontier, DEN ✈ PDX.


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