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Engineering Majors

Two locked white utility doors in a beige tile wall; one sign reads Electrical, the other MechanicalYou must choose!

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Sunset Needle

The last glow of sunset over the Olympics behind a brightly lit Space Needle as seen from our South Lake Union rooftop.

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Andrle, Nick, and Theo stand in front of the Idaho State Capitol as a red SUV drives into frame.A panoramic view of the front if the Idaho State Capitol with bright blue sky behind.I think this puts me up to 28 capitols visited? I need to review the family road trip list!

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Adult Assembly Required

A large flattened cardboard box with a bright orange sticker that reads 'Adult Assembly Required'It me.

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A rainbow arcs across the western sky as the sun rises over Capitol Hill behind the photographer. Many Amazon office buildings are in the foreground, and the Space Needle is stark against the blue partly cloudy sky in this view from a roof deck.Darcy woke me up early but that allowed me to see a beautiful dawn rainbow over South Lake Union. (Don’t triangulate.)

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Tower Crane

A large mobile crane hoists the cab for a huge yellow tower crane with workers in the foreground.
The cab is lowered into place atop the tower crane as workers dangle from harnesses. A plane on approach to Sea-Tac is in the background against a cloudy sky.
We watched some of the tower crane assembly for a new small office tower going up at 9th & Thomas.

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A simple white sign is posted on a telephone pole. In an impact typeface it reads "Stop the Yuppification of Seattle". A yellow tower crane erects a small luxury hotel in the right background.
It me. I’m the yuppifier. (This sign posted on the corner of Westlake & Republican, near our apartment in South Lake Union.)

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A screenshot from the app Pedometer++ showing a bar graph of my activity for the last week; there is a noticeable uptick in steps starting Wednesday with the sudden addition of vertical movement due to topography and apartment living.
Can you tell which day we moved to the City of Seven Hills?

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A photo of the Mac OS X 10.4
Why did I still have this???

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Juno Fireworks

Fir trees are silhouetted behind a wooden fence as a tiny Jupiter is visible between them and a neighbor sets off a firework behind them.
I’m having an Endor moment as Jupiter (newly orbited by Juno) peeks from behind some fir trees as fireworks explode. It’s the tiny white pixel in the lower left.

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